Dionisis Koutsis



As a photographer and photography instructor, my passion for creative photography is what drives me. Photography to me is not just a snapshot of the moment. It is an imagery with an artistic look and a directional view, a play with light and subversive ideas that result in a cinematically rendered and high aesthetic result.


Mykonos Blue & White

From a distance of age and time, the alternations of light intensify the atmosphere. Earth and sky blend harmoniously into a single gray palette. When the landscape is at risk of being demystified, an unexpected light transforms it into a dreamy portrait. Clarity and precision, simple themes, everyday moments, true characters, traditions weakened, customs not distorted, bare landscapes, scattered chapels, moments of despair, direct my lens. Gray, dull and cloudy. Colors of rust and decomposition, which enclose something from the white and blue of the Cycladic landscape.